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Please take time to read through our planned changes to our MTSS pathway and the planned changes to our 4th, 5th, and 6th grade ELA structure.
Winter Recess Rules
1) As winter approaches, we will no doubt have days when recess will be inside. -5 will be that threshold. Either by windchill or temperature.
2) When entering the MACC for inside recess, if students run or push they will receive an automatic 10 minute sit out. We don't need students getting run over or pushed over. This is up to the discretion of the recess supervisors.
3) If a recess supervisor feels there is any disrespect, arguing, fighting, or any misbehavior, they reserve the right to have the student sit out against the wall or on a bench for the remainder of the recess.
4) If students forget snowboots, snowpants, jackets, gloves, or hats, we will do our best to furnish these for students. Students are still expected to go outside without some winter clothing. If it is deemed too cold for a student who has forgotten an item to go outside, they will sit in Mr. Weber's office and read or do homework.
5) Throwing snowballs is an automatic two recess out. Picking up icicles will be an automatic sitting out a week from recess. Neither of this is acceptable. This is adjustable and will be left up to the discretion of the recess supervisors. Students will still go outside, but will stand against the MACC wall or against the brick wall.